Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get one?

A: Please use our Store to purchase a cat wheel.

Q: What is the Cat Exercise Wheel made out of?

A: The stand is made out of steel and our wheel is made out of industrial plastic components.The Tread Pads are made out of foam with adhesive backing. The purpose of the Tread Pads are to keep your pet from slipping on the running surface. However, some pets prefer no pads. The dimensions of the wheel are 43″ x 11″ x 43″ and weighs 50lbs.

Q: How do I get a reluctant cat to use a wheel?

A: All cats have the ability to use our wheels. Although, not all cats will initially and voluntarily start running the second you take the wheel out of the box. Just like people, cats have different personalities and different things that motivate them. Typically a cat that likes to get into trouble or one that is very curious and rambunctious will voluntarily start using our wheels while some cats need to know that the wheel is something that brings a reward after use. And still, some cats just need plain good old-fashioned training. It may take a few weeks to get used to the wheel, but once again, this varies per cat. Some cats get it instantly, others it takes them a little time to build up their trust for the wheel.

Q: Can I play with the cat when he/she is running on the wheel?

A: A laser light seems to be one of the most effective ways, for most cats. Point the light on the running track. Do not allow the wheel to spin freely until your cat warms up to the toy. Another option is to hold your cat’s favorite wand toy in front of them to follow. A third option is to hold out a treat in front of them to follow. Every time they make one revolution, reward them with the treat. You can also try adding cat nip to the wheel. *Some cats need a little more training than others; you might need to spend 5-10 minutes with them a day so they can warm up to it easier.